Server Requirements

All of our server requirements are minimal and are recommended by WordPress team.

Many issues that you may run into such as; white screen, demo content fails when importing, empty page and other similar issues are all related to low PHP configuration limits. You can check it by installing a simple plugin WordPress phpinfo().

First please check that you are using PHP version 7.4 or greater.

You can increase the PHP limits by your own or contact your web host and ask them to do it.

Recommended values:

  1. max_execution_time=600
  2. max_input_time=600
  3. memory_limit=51M
  4. post_max_size=512M
  5. upload_max_filesize=512M

Edit your wp-config.php file

Add this to the top, before the line that says, “Happy Blogging”:

define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '512M');

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